Poll/sondaggio: Maya or Cinema 4D?

Di: tgale | 26/09/2020 18:46:46
For my school i am writing about Maya and Cinema 4D, my objective is to find out which program is better (for professional work) . Please spend 3 minutes to help me and answer my questions! thx ;)
It would be perfect if you send me the answears by email ( t.gale@gmx.at ) ... e.g. like that:
1. a
2. b
3. a ... and so on ... thx again for your help and THE POLL ENDS THE 21.3.2006 ; THANK YOU FOR YOUR HELP!!!!
1.) Which program do you use?
a) Maya
b) Cinema 4D
2.) Did you use another program before?
a) Yes
b) No
3.) (If your answer was "Yes" for question 2) Which one?
a) Maya
b) Cinema 4D
c) another program
4.) (If your answer was "Yes" for question 2) Why did you change?
a) for a Job
b) I did not like the program i used before because ... (feel free to specify the answear in your mail! :))
c) for other reasons ...
5.) Which aditional programs do you use? (like "Bodypaint" or "MotionBuilder")
6.) Are you professional in 3D Business?
a) Yes
b) No
c) Not jet (i want to be) (Good luck!!!)
Thx for your time!!!


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